Introductory Post

Hi Everyone,
This is just a short introductory post to start things off. You can find more details about this blog in the About Translation Therapy page.

In summary, in this blog I will attempt to cover all sorts of relevant content to the translation profession and work. From topics about the business/commercial side of things, through technical issues and challenges, to any other idea, thought or subject that are, or might be, relevant.
I also wish for this blog to become a worthy supplement to the invaluable information and advice provided by other great translation related blogs (a representative list of which can be found in the About Translation Therapy page) which I follow, enjoy and draw inspiration from.

Although I would like to dive in and experiment with the design and adding/removing elements and features, my main priority is start adding some content. But little by little I will certainly work work towards tweaking and optimizing the blog in terms of design, functionality, and performance.

Please feel free to register to the RSS Atom feedFollow me [@HiFiText] on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn (all links are also available at the footer of the webpage), contact me via this blog (the contact form will be added soon) or leave a comment with feedback, suggestions, or anything else.

I hope that you will enjoy the read.


2 responses to “Introductory Post”

  1. Iris Graf Avatar
    Iris Graf

    You are writing beautifully and I am proud to be mentioned in your blog.
    Keep on the good work, I know you have a lot to say and that you can make a nice contribution to us all.
    Kind regards,
    Iris (and Laurent)

  2. Kevin Lossner Avatar

    Welcome to the fray, Shai! I look forward to reading your contributions.

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